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Why Have a personal trainer?
Are you interested in?

Get quicker results
Train in a safe environment and therefore reduce the risk of exercise related injuries
Introduce new and interesting ways of training
Help refer those with special needs to the relevant specialists
Assist with special groups such as people with orthopaedic problems, postural defects, obesity, diabetes, the elderly and pregnant women
Train for sporting events such as marathons

The benefits

Reduces resting pulse rate
Improvement in body mechanics
Heart rate and pulse show a faster return to normal values
Increase heart function
Improved blood supply to heart
Increased stamina/endurance
Improved ability to exercise at higher intensities
Decrease body fat
Increase muscle mass
Enlargement of muscle fibres
Ability to apply force during exercise and every day tasks
Increase in speed and skill
Improved bone health
Improved posture
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